Ways To Use Beeswax

Sheanefit’s Beeswax granules are produced when bees collect nectar from flowers to the hive.

Beeswax creates a barrier which helps to seal in moisture into the skin while protecting the skin from environmental pollutants. It is also high in vitamin A, which can improve hydration to the skin and promote cell regeneration. 

What ways can you use beeswax for cosmetic use? Beeswax is a great moisturizer because it helps to lock in moisture and keep the skin firm. When applied on the skin, it creates a barrier that can protect the skin from dryness. Beeswax is great to use as lip balm, salves, and many more moisturizers.
  • Lip Balm: Melt beeswax with other butters and oils like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and essential oil to make your own lip balm. Pour the mixture into cans or lip balm tubes and wait until it hardens. 


  • Lotion Bars: Melt and mix beeswax with shea butter and essential oil and pour into silicone molds to make lotion bars. Apply to dry patches or cuticles to soften.  


  • Facial Hair Wax: Melt & Mix Beeswax, Carrier oil of your choice, and essential oil to style facial hair for men. Beeswax can help to protect facial hair while moisturizing the skin and hair. Its waxy texture helps to style and set the hairs in place for easy styling. 

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