Jigott Aloe Aqua Balance Skincare 3 Set - Toner, Emulsion, Cream Set


Product Description

Jigott Aloe Aqua Balance Skin Care 3 Set - Toner 150ml, Emulsion 150ml, Cream 50ml, Travel Size Toner 30ml, Travel Size Emulsion 30ml


Toner - It is an aloe skin that contains the extract of aloe vera leaves (200ppm) that were grown with nature's care to fill up the skin that has dried out from external stimulus with moisture and provides moisturizing soothing care. In addition, it provides moisture for the tired skin and helps with soothing care by densely absorbing into the skin with a fresh and watery texture.  

Emulsion - It contains aloe vera leaf extract (200ppm) that quickly soothes skin stimulated by UV and external stimulus so that the moisturizing ingredients are absorbed into the skin to hold the oil and moisture balance. It forms a moisture barrier over the skin that easily gets dry to maintain hydrated skin for a long time. 

Cream - As a cream that comfortably calms the skin by filling the dry and sensitive skin with refreshing moisture, it contains aloe vera leaf extract that cares for a moisturized skin with abundant moisturizing ingredients, provides moisture as it absorbs quicky into the skin and soothes the skin. Also, it contains a cooling and immediate soothing ingredient, which absorbs into the skin more refreshingly. 


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