Jigott Daandan Bit Premium Red Ginseng Skincare Set - Toner, Emulsion, Cream Set


Product Description

Jigott Daandan Bit Red Ginseng Skin Care 3 Set - Toner 150ml, Emulsion 150ml, Cream 50ml, Travel Size Toner 30ml, Travel Size Emulsion 30ml


Toner - It contains galactomyces fermentation filtrate (1000ppm) and peptides for quick absorption into the skin to moisturize the areas of dryness by assisting the oil and moisture balance of skin as well as refreshingly balancing the skin in oily areas. Hydrating energy of red ginseng extract (1000ppm) maintains the outstanding feel of moistness for a long time by being dispersed throughout the skin to smoothly clean up and nurture the skin to become more lustrous. 

Emulsion - Galactomyces fermentation filtrate (1000ppm) and peptides are gently absorbed into the dried skin without irritation to nurture moistly lucid skin. Moreover, they generate resilience in the skin by providing vitality and comfort deep within the skin. In addition, red ginseng extract (1000ppm) firmly fills the skin with an abundance of nutrients to nurture dried and roughened skin and help it become soft and lustrous. 

Cream - Galactomyces fermentation filtrate (1000ppm) and peptides strengthen the skin's resilience to nurture softer and more flexible skin. Red ginseng extract (1000ppm) supplies energy to the skin to nurture firms and resilient skin. In addition, it generates smooth and taut skin by securely wrapping around the skin after having been gently absorbed. 

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