Jigott Yerokjinsu Hanbang Skincare 3 Set - Toner, Emulsion, Cream Set


Product Description

Jigott Yerokjinsu Boyun Skin Care 3 Set - Toner 150ml, Emulsion 150ml, Cream 50ml, Travel Size Toner 30ml, Travel Size Emulsion 30ml


Toner - Contains licorice extracts to soothe the skin, while Houttuynia Herbal Extracts tighten pores to tonify fatigued skin. 

Emulsion - Licorice extracts penetrate deeply and smoothly to protect the skin that is easily damaged by various environmental pollutants, stressors. 

Cream - Contains Houttuynia Herbal Extracts and skin-soothing licorice extracts to resolve skin troubles and enhance vitality and health for your skin that is fatigued by environmental pollutants. 

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