Summer has begun and the temperature is on the rise. We love warm weather but when it comes to the butters, it can melt and get messy. Sheanefit's plant-based butters naturally melts at body temperature and is highly susceptible to nature. Due to hot extreme weather during summer, the butters may melt especially when the products are being shipped and sit in a hot, humid storage or delivery truck for long periods of time. 

Don't worry, once the butters cool down again, they will resolidify. Sheanefit's butters are safe to use even when it's melted. However, you may notice grainy textures. The graininess of butters comes from different fatty acids cooling down at different temperatures. They may crystalize into large clumps, causing the butters to feel grainy. 


To make your butter smooth again, you can melt the butters completely, and put it in the freezer for couple of hours. The butters will solidify into a smooth texture. 

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